Australia Beef & Cattle Exports Rise To Japan and U.S. Exports Fall


I would imagine overall red meat imports to the US are down, highly doubt they are at pre-recession levels as American cattle farmers unloaded livestock bigly, jacked up prices and only the hardcore meat eaters are eating the beef. I can’t imagine the price of a steak, for example say in California – it would have to be at least 5x more expensive then me going to the butcher here in Canada.

Canadians are smart though when it comes to shopping, we are not like Americans in that way (as you tell by all the stores closing around me) We know meat prices have swings (based on the demand for exports) and since we have cattle farms all through-out the country, transportation is less of a cost than say, Texas beef being shipped to NY.

I did have the meat data loaded up the other day, will find it again to see the comparisons to before 2008.