[size=5][b]Heard part of a great show on C2C last night related to the forthcoming TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE … some key sites captured below 🙂

In the latter half, astronomy reporter Steve Kates, Dr. Sky, discussed the upcoming August 21st “Great American Total Solar Eclipse.” He outlined ways to view the event, such as through ISO-approved glasses, and has created a guide on his website, with historical and scientific notes, as well as safe viewing tips. The solar eclipse takes place when the moon’s orbit brings it between the Earth and the sun, with the moon’s shadow (the umbra and penumbra) moving across the Earth’s surface, he explained. The website offers an easy to use map that calculates how and when the eclipse will appear in your area.

During the eclipse, NASA research jets will be flying in the path of the event, though the moon’s shadow moves so quickly that they won’t have much more time than people on the ground to observe, Dr. Sky noted. He also talked about other celestial events, such as how asteroid 2012 TC4 will have a close call with Earth in October, possibly flying by at a mere 4,200 miles away. The small asteroid is about the size of a house, he said, but if it came close enough, it could do some real impact damage, from the compression waves in the atmosphere alone.