Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: Santa Claus Came to Town


Dow 37475.58 +169.56 (0.45%)
Nasdaq 14974.84 +70.03 (0.47%)
SP 500 4758.68 +18.12 (0.38%)
10-yr Note +4/32 3.892
NYSE Adv 2209 Dec 503 Vol 145 mln
Nasdaq Adv 2953 Dec 1085 Vol 1.6 bln

Industry Watch
Strong: Communication Services, Materials, Real Estate, Energy, Consumer Discretionary
Weak: —

Moving the Market
— Drop in market rates, helped by interest rate differential trade as Bank of Japan holds policy rate unchanged at -0.10% and sticks with negative interest rate policy

— Continued momentum

— Relative softness in some mega cap stocks limiting index performance

NVDA, MSFT, AMZN weigh on indices

The three major indices trade near session highs. The A-D line favors advancers by a 9-to-2 margin at the NYSE and by a nearly 3-to-1 margin at the Nasdaq.

Losses in (AMZN 153.70, -0.37, -0.2%), Microsoft (MSFT 371.11, -1.47, -0.4%), and NVIDIA (NVDA 495.40, -5.30, -1.0%) continue to weigh on the major indices.
The equal-weighted S&P 500 is up 0.4% versus a 0.7% gain in the equal-weighted S&P 500.

Weakness in MSFT and NVDA have led to the relative underperformance of the information technology sector, which trades up 0.1%.