Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: War, Rates and Bankers Deliver Chaos


Major European indices are trading with a decidedly positive disposition, taking their cue it seems from the U.S. market, which traded higher on Monday despite the uncertainty surrounding the Israel-Hamas War.

Thus far, there has been no indication of a broadening out of that two-party war, so today’s rally effort is a bit of a relief trade that worst-case scenarios have not unfolded. That view has tempered the move in oil and natural gas prices, which is a plus for Europe.

—Equity Markets—

STOXX Europe 600: +1.4%
Germany’s DAX: +1.5%
U.K.’s FTSE 100: +1.6%
France’s CAC 40: +1.5%
Italy’s FTSE MIB: +1.8%
Spain’s IBEX 35: +1.7%