Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: War, Rates and Bankers Deliver Chaos


Dow 33313.72 -93.82 (-0.28%)
Nasdaq 13314.51 -116.83 (-0.87%)
SP 500 4289.54 -18.96 (-0.44%)
10-yr Note
NYSE Adv 1575 Dec 1203 Vol 199 mln
Nasdaq Adv 1542 Dec 2562 Vol 1.7 bln

Industry Watch
Strong: Energy, Industrials, Communication Services, Real Estate
Weak: Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Information Technology, Financials, Materials

Moving the Market
— Reacting to the news that Israel declared war on Hamas after surprise attack launched by Hamas over the weekend

— Worries about a larger regional conflict sending oil prices higher

— Treasury market closed in observance of Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples’ Day

— Relative weakness in the mega cap space weighing on broader market