Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: China, NVidia, BRICS and Jackson Hole Risks


Eurozone’s July CPI -0.1% m/m, as expected (last 0.3%); 5.3% yr/yr, as expected (last 5.5%).
July Core CPI -0.1% m/m, as expected (last 0.4%); 5.5% yr/yr, as expected (last 5.5%).
June Construction Output -1.0% m/m (expected 0.0%; last 0.3%)

Eurozone’s CPI was left unrevised in the final reading for July while the U.K. reported a bigger than expected contraction in retail sales.
The European Central Bank is reportedly opposed to Italy’s plan for imposing a 40% windfall profit tax on banks.
ECB Chief Economist Lane said that he believes that the European economy will grow over the next couple of years.