Reply To: Federal Reserve Kept Rates at 22-Year High 5.25-5.50% Range as Expected

Helmholtz Watson

US stocks up as Powell stresses data dependency

The major stock indices have pushed to the upside as Powell stresses data dependency.

Dow Industrial Average top 170 points or 0.48% at 35609
S&P index is up 11.2 points or 0.24% at 4578.61
NASDAQ index is back in positive territory with a gain of 38 points or 0.27% at 14183


The EURUSD has moved higher in trades above its 100-hour moving average at 1.10895. It trades at 1.1098. Stay above the 100-hour moving average is more bullish
The GBPUSD is also higher and now has surpassed its 200-hour moving average at 1.29438. It trades at 1.2951. Stay above the 200 hour moving averages more bullish
The USDJPY is lower and looks to test its 200-hour moving average at 140.019. It trades at 140.09 currently
The USDCHF tumbles below its 200-hour moving average of 0.86257. The current price trades at 0.8606. The lows for the month of July extended down from 0.8554 to 0.8565. Those are the next targets on further selling.