Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: Summer, Manufacturing, Jobs and Debt Ceiling


The Advance Intl. Trade in Goods Report for April showed a widening in the deficit to $96.8 billion from an upwardly revised $82.7 billion deficit (from -$84.6 billion) in March.
Adv. Retail Inventories jumped 0.2%
Advance Wholesale Inventories declined 0.2%.

The key takeaway from the report is on the trade side, which showed exports of goods being $9.5 billion less than march exports and imports of goods being $4.5 billion more than March imports.

Selling picked up in the Treasury market following the data release, especially at the short end of the curve.

The 2-yr note yield, at 4.48% before the data, is up eight basis points to 4.58%.
The 10-yr note yield, at 3.78% before the data, is up one basis point to 3.82%