Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: Debt Ceilings and The Consumer


On a personal note I did a major “sell in MAY and go away” in my 401k account
VITAX (Vanguard TECH mutual) is my FAV with 5 stars in Morningstar & moved everything to Money Market
With over 20% gain in Q1 … locking in today to have “FRESH POWDER” in case more BEARISH times return
and there is 3-month period to reinvest back into this fund from MM
However based on risk factors – felt need to hunker & bunker down
The deer, pugs, and family will await the GREAT CORRECTION as too many wild cards are out there
Still if one can lock great gains & be patient future buying opportunities await us.
Thru years VITAX has been good to us … and not an “ad” at all & mainly sharing for anyone having VANGUARD IRAs 🙂