Reply To: Bond Traders Weekly Outlook: Two Year Note Underperforms After Stellar Treasury Auction Week


Bond Wrap: U.S. Treasuries added to Friday sharp losses

Corporate bond offerings, $5 bln by Apple $AAPL The longest chunk of the offering is expected to yield as much as 135 bps over Treasuries of same duration, according to Bloomberg.

April Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey

Showed that standards for commercial & industrial loans to smaller and mid-sized firms tightened during the first quarter while demand slowed. Standards for all commercial real estate loans also tightened while demand fell. Survey respondents noted that tightening in standards was due to a more uncertain economic outlook, lower risk tolerance, and concerns about funding costs and liquidity positions.

2yr +8 bps to 3.99%
3yr +7 bps to 3.72%
5yr +8 bps to 3.50%
10yr +8 bps to 3.52%
30yr +7 bps to 3.84%