Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: Bank Runs, Apple, Fed and Jobs


Japan’s March Retail Sales 7.2% yr/yr (expected 5.8%; last 7.3%)
March Industrial Production 0.8% m/m (expected 0.5%; last 4.6%).
March jobs/applications ratio 1.32 (expected 1.34; last 1.34) and Unemployment Rate 2.8% (expected 2.5%; last 2.6%).
April Tokyo CPI 3.5% yr/yr (expected 3.1%; last 3.3%) and Tokyo Core CPI 3.5% yr/yr (expected 3.2%; last 3.2%).
March Housing Starts -3.2% yr/yr (expected -4.3%; last -0.3%) and Construction Orders -4.1% yr/yr (expected 11.1%; last 22.3%)

Japan will put South Korea back on the white list for exports.
Japan’s Industry Minister said that capital investments will be made to support eight battery projects and two semiconductor projects.
The Bank of Japan made no changes to its yield curve control policy, but it did remove a pledge to keep rates at or below current levels from its guidance. Instead, the statement noted that easing and yield curve control will continue with an aim of achieving the price stability target.