Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: Bank Runs, Apple, Fed and Jobs


Durable goods rose 3.2% in March (consensus 0.7%) following a revised 1.2% decline in February (from -1.0%). Durable goods, excluding transportation, rose 0.3% in March (consensus -0.1%) following a revised 0.3% decline in February (from 0.0%).

The advance report for international trade in goods showed a deficit of $84.6 billion in March, narrowed from a revised $92.0 billion deficit in February (from $91.6 billion).

The advance report for retail inventories in March rose by 0.7% after a revised 0.3% increase in February (from 0.8%).

The advance report for wholesale inventories rose 0.1% in March from a revised 0.1% increase in February (from 0.2%).