Reply To: Bond Traders Weekly Outlook: Flipping Between End of Inflation and Hawkish Fed Trades


U.S. Treasuries trade above their lows that were reached just before 11:00 ET.

The market inched up off lows in late morning trade, but the shallow bounce was followed by a bit more selling in recent trade, which has returned yields toward session highs.

The early selling has lifted the 30-yr yield back above its 200-day moving average (3.616%) while the 10-yr yield remains about eight basis points below the 200-day moving average of its own

Equities have climbed off their lows, but they remain in negative territory with the Nasdaq (-0.5%) remaining a bit behind the S&P 500 (-0.3%).

2-yr: +4 bps to 4.00%
3-yr: +3 bps to 3.78%
5-yr: +3 bps to 3.53%
10-yr: +2 bps to 3.42%
30-yr: +1 bp to 3.63%