Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: The Fed, BoE and SNB and a Leaky Dyke…


U.K.’s January Average Earnings Index + Bonus 5.7% yr/yr, as expected (last 6.0%), January three-month employment change 65,000 (expected 52,000; last 74,000), and January Unemployment Rate 3.7% (expected 3.8%; last 3.7%)

Italy’s January Industrial Production -0.7% m/m (expected -0.1%; last 1.2%); 1.4% yr/yr (expected 2.9%; last -0.9%)

Spain’s February CPI 0.9% m/m (expected 1.0%; last -0.2%); 6.0% yr/yr (expected 6.1%; last 5.9%)

Swiss February CPI -0.2% m/m (expected 0.5%; last 0.7%); 2.7% yr/yr (last 3.3%)

Credit Suisse released its delayed quarterly report, noting that “material weaknesses” were found in its reporting process for the past two years.

There are growing expectations that the European Central Bank will forego a 50-bps rate hike in favor of a 25-bps increase at this month’s meeting.

British Prime Minister Sunak will visit the White House in June.