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China’s February CPI -0.5% m/m (expected 0.2%; last 0.8%); 1.0% yr/yr (expected 1.9%; last 2.1%). February PPI -1.4% yr/yr (expected -1.3%; last -0.8%)

Japan’s Q4 GDP 0.0% qtr/qtr (expected 0.2%; last -0.3%); 0.1% yr/yr (expected 0.8%; last -1.1%). Q4 GDP Capital Expenditure -0.5% qtr/qtr (expected -0.4%; last 1.5%) and GDP Private Consumption 0.3% qtr/qtr (expected 0.5%; last 0.0%). February Machine Tool Orders -10.7% yr/yr (last -9.7%)

Australia’s final January Building Approvals -27.6% m/m, as expected (last 15.3%) and Private House Approvals -13.8% m/m, as expected (last -2.1%)

New Zealand’s February Electronic Card Retail Sales 0.0% m/m (last 2.6%); 11.7% yr/yr (last 2.7%)

China reported an unexpected drop in its February CPI, which moderated the yr/yr growth rate to its slowest pace in nearly a year.

Australia is continuing its work on improving trade relations with China.

Japan reported no growth in its revised reading for Q4, which follows a 0.2% contraction in Q3.

South Korea’s President Yoon will visit Japan at the end of next week.