Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: A Wonderful Life for Central Bankers


Japan’s January Industrial Production -4.6% m/m (expected -2.6%; last 0.3%) and January Retail Sales 6.3% yr/yr (expected 4.0%; last 3.8%). January Housing Starts 6.6% yr/yr (expected 1.0%; last -1.7%) and Construction Orders -14.0% yr/yr (last 8.5%). January BoJ Core CPI 3.1% yr/yr, as expected (last 3.1%)

Australia’s Q4 Current Account surplus AUD14.10 bln (expected surplus of AUD6.50 bln; last deficit of AUD2.30 bln). January Private Sector Credit 0.4% m/m (expected 0.3%; last 0.3%) and January Retail Sales 1.9% m/m (expected 1.5%; last -3.9%)

New Zealand’s February ANZ Business Confidence -43.3 (last -52.0)

Japan’s industrial production declined at the fastest pace in eight months in the January reading.
Bank of Japan Deputy Governor Wakatabe said that the inflation target has not been achieved yet.

Japan’s Lower House passed a record JPY114.4 trln annual budget.

Australia will reportedly resume exporting cotton to China.

Hong Kong will lift its mask mandate tomorrow.