Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: Short Squeezes and Bond Markets


China’s Premier Li said that growth and consumer prices will be stabilized and that incentives to boost the domestic economy will be maintained.
The Bank of Japan conducted two unscheduled bond buying operations to counteract rising yields. The Bank of Korea raised its policy rate by 25 bps to 3.50%, as expected.
The central bank expects that growth will be shy of what had been forecast in November.
China’s December trade surplus $78.00 bln (expected surplus of $76.20 bln; last surplus of $69.84 bln). December Imports -7.5% yr/yr (expected -9.8%; last -10.6%) and Exports -9.9% yr/yr (expected -10.0%; last -8.7%)
South Korea’s December Import Price Index 9.1% yr/yr (last 14.0%) and Export Price Index 3.1% yr/yr (last 8.3%)
Australia’s November Home Loans -2.0% m/m (expected -3.0%; last -5.6%) and Investment Lending for Housing -3.6% m/m (last -2.3%)