Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: Embrace the Chaos in 2023


Japan’s Prime Minister Kishida is reportedly considering a cabinet reshuffle early next year.
Japan’s core CPI was up 3.7% yr/yr in the November reading, increasing at its fastest pace since early 1982.
The Japanese government expects that the next spike in food prices is likely to happen in February.
South Korea’s vice finance minister said that the government will focus on stabilizing prices and creating jobs.
Markets in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand will be closed on Monday.
China’s November FDI 9.9% YTD (last 14.4%) o Japan’s November CPI 0.2% m/m (last 0.6%); 3.8% yr/yr (last 3.7%). November National Core CPI 3.7% yr/yr, as expected (last 3.6%)
Singapore’s November Industrial Production -1.2% m/m, as expected (last 0.6%); -3.2% yr/yr (expected -1.1%; last -0.9%). November CPI 6.7% yr/yr (expected 6.5%; last 6.7%) and Core CPI 5.1% yr/yr (expected 5.0%; last 5.1%)
Australia’s November Housing Credit 0.4% m/m (last 0.4%) and Private Sector Credit 0.5% m/m (expected 0.6%; last 0.5%)