Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: Oil Caps, Sanctions and Services


Investor sentiment was pressured by reports of tighter lockdown measures in China, which prompted protests in several cities. Goldman Sachs speculated that China could lift its zero-covid policy before April, though Q2 is still projected as the most likely time for an exit.
Japan is expected to fine three power companies on anti-trust grounds.
China’s October Industrial Profit -3.0% YTD (last -2.3%)
Hong Kong’s October trade deficit HKD20.90 bln (last deficit of HKD44.90 bln). October Imports -11.9% m/m (last -7.8%) and Exports -10.4% m/m (last -9.1%)
Australia’s October Retail Sales -0.2% m/m (expected 0.5%; last 0.6%)