Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: Bears Squeezed in Bonds, Stocks and Currencies


Barron’s mentions:

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) is the subject of the cover story this week as the publication dives into the question if the Twitter distraction will knock the company off track at a critical time. Some critics have warned that a preoccupied Elon Musk and potential hits to the Tesla brand could create anxiety with investors just as the Berlin and Austin Gigafactories ramp up production to meet the company’s 50% annual growth target.

Meanwhile, bullish-leaning analysts have reminded that Tesla’s (TSLA) management bench may be much deeper than it is given credit with Franz von Holzhausen (design chief), Ashok Elluswamy (driver-assistance software), and Lars Moravy (vehicle engineering) all said to be executing at a high level autonomously.

One of the pullouts from the Barron’s breakdown is that the best thing Tesla can do right now is to focus on branding Tesla as Tesla.