Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: US Elections, Rates and Inflation


British Prime Minister Sunak is reportedly planning to freeze foreign aid for a couple years to help plug the budget hole.
The British government refuted reports that a plan is being prepared for a one-time windfall tax on banks.
Russia withdrew its participation from the UN-established grain shipping deal in the Black Sea. There is speculation that International Consolidated Airlines is interested in acquiring EasyJet.
Eurozone’s flash Q3 GDP 0.2% qtr/qtr (expected 1.0%; last 0.8%); 2.1% yr/yr (last 4.3%). October CPI 1.5% m/m (last 1.2%); 10.7% yr/yr (expected 10.2%; last 9.9%). October Core CPI 5.0% m/m (last 4.8%); 5.0% yr/yr (expected 4.8%; last 4.8%)
Germany’s September Retail Sales 0.9% m/m (expected -0.3%; last -1.4%); -0.9% yr/yr (expected -4.9%; last -1.5%)
U.K.’s September Mortgage Approvals 66,790 (expected 67,000; last 74,420) and BoE Consumer Credit GBP745 mln (expected GBP978 mln; last GBP1.215 bln)
Italy’s Q3 GDP 0.5% qtr/qtr (expected 0.3%; last 1.1%); 2.6% yr/yr (expected 2.0%; last 4.7%)
Spain’s September Retail Sales 0.1% yr/yr (last 0.1%). August Current Account deficit EUR110 mln (last surplus of EUR1.34 bln)
Swiss September Retail Sales 3.2% yr/yr (expected 3.5%; last 2.1%)