Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: Political Risks and Central Banks


British Prime Minister Truss resigned as leader of the conservative party. Her replacement will be elected within the week.
Bank of England policymaker Broadbent said that it is not clear whether rates need to rise as much the market expects, prompting a modest reduction in expectations for a 100-bps rate hike at the November policy meeting.
Germany’s PPI was up 45.8% yr/yr, remaining at its highest level in 70 years.
French Finance Minister Le Maire said that the government expects inflation to decelerate to 5.0% at the start of next year.
Eurozone’s August Current Account deficit EUR26.30 bln (expected deficit EUR20.30 bln; last deficit of EUR19.90 bln)
Germany’s September PPI 2.3% m/m (expected 1.3%; last 7.9%); 45.8% yr/yr (expected 44.7%; last 45.8%)
France’s October Business Survey 103 (expected 101; last 102)
Swiss September trade surplus CHF4.00 bln (last surplus of CHF3.32 bln)