Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: Political Risks and Central Banks


Chinese authorities may reportedly shorten the coronavirus quarantine time for travelers.
The People’s Bank of China made no changes to its one-year and five-year loan prime rates.
Chinese officials are reportedly polling chipmakers about the impact of the new restrictions on sales of advanced products to customers in China.
Japan’s September trade deficit JPY2.094 trln (expected deficit of JPY2.167 trln; last deficit of JPY2.820 trln)
Australia’s September Employment Change 900 (expected 25,000; last 36,300) and full employment change 13,300 (last 55,000).
September Participation Rate 66.6%, as expected (last 66.6%) and September Unemployment Rate 3.5%, as expected (last 3.5%)
Hong Kong’s September Unemployment Rate 3.9% (last 4.1%)