Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: Robots, Dribbler Enthusiasm and Short Squeezes


Chinese press reported that up to CNY1.5 trln of extra local debt could be issued. China’s top developer, Country Garden, issued a warning that its core profit for the first half of 2022 could be down up to 70%.
July air passenger traffic in China was down 30.8% yr/yr.
Australia’s employment decreased for the first time since October 2021 in the July reading, but the unemployment rate still fell to its lowest level since 1974 amid falling labor force participation rate.
China’s July FDI 17.3% YTD (last 17.4%)
Australia’s July Employment Change -40,900 (expected 25,000; last 88,400) and full employment change -86,900 (last 52,900). July Unemployment Rate 3.4% (expected 3.5%; last 3.5%) and Participation Rate 66.4% (expected 66.8%; last 66.8%)