Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: Robots, Dribbler Enthusiasm and Short Squeezes


Chinese authorities ordered a halt to this week’s production at Toyota’s factory in Sichuan due to a power shortage.
China’s Premier Li reportedly requested local officials from six major provinces to increase pro-growth measures after weak July data.
Australia’s wage price index for Q2 increased at its fastest yr/yr pace since 2014.
The Reserve Bank of New Zealand raised its official cash rate by 50 bps to 3.00%, as expected.
The central bank increased its peak rate forecast for Q3 of next year to 4.10% from 3.95%.
Japan’s July trade deficit JPY1.44 trln (expected deficit of JPY1.41 trln; last deficit of JPY1.40 trln). July Imports 47.2% yr/yr (expected 45.7%; last 46.1%) and Exports 19.0% yr/yr (expected 18.2%; last 19.3%). June Core Machinery Orders 0.9% m/m (expected 1.3%; last -5.6%); 6.5% yr/yr (expected 7.5%; last 7.4%)
Singapore’s July non-oil exports 1.4% m/m (expected -3.8%; last 3.2%); 7.0% yr/yr (expected 6.0%; last 8.5%)
Hong Kong’s July Unemployment Rate 4.3% (last 4.7%)
Australia’s Q2 Wage Price Index 0.7% qtr/qtr (expected 0.8%; last 0.7%); 2.6% yr/yr (expected 2.7%; last 2.4%). July MI Leading Index -0.2% m/m (last -0.2%)
New Zealand’s Q2 Input PPI 3.1% qtr/qtr (last 3.4%) and Output PPI 2.4% (last 2.6%)
0% from 3.95%.