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China data all brutal out today – Chi has more than Taiwan to worry about … or is it a necessary distraction?

China’s jobless rate for 16 to 24 year olds has hit its highest ever recorded

China is reporting the unemployment rate amongst 16 to 24 year olds at 19.9%, its highest ever.

China July new house prices down 0.9% y/y (down 0.5% prior)

For new homes there were price falls m/m in 40 of 70 major cities (following drops in 38 of them in June),

Existing home prices fell in 51 cities m/m (48 in June).

China July Industrial Production 3.8% y/y (vs. expected 4.6%)

prior was 3.9%

Fixed Assets (excluding rural) YTD 5.7% y/y MISS

expected 6.2%, prior was 6.1%

Retail Sales 2.7% y/y MISS

expected 5.0%, prior was 3.1%