Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: Robots, Dribbler Enthusiasm and Short Squeezes


Japan’s ministers for finance and economy will maintain their posts after the ongoing cabinet reshuffle.
Australia is reportedly reviewing its current anti-dumping measures for imports of aluminum from China.
Meanwhile, China’s Ambassador to Australia said that the two sides are not yet ready to discuss solutions to trade issues.
Direct flights between China and the U.K. are set to resume. Japan’s Nikkei will be closed for Mountain Day tomorrow.
China’s July CPI 0.5% m/m, as expected; 2.7% yr/yr (expected 2.9%; last 2.5%); July PPI 4.2% yr/yr (expected 4.8%; last 6.1%)
Japan’s July PPI 0.4% m/m, as expected (last 0.9%); 8.6% yr/yr (expected 8.4%; last 9.4%)
South Korea’s July Unemployment Rate 2.9% (last 2.9%)