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China getting Japan involved?

August 5 – Wall Street Journal (Peter Landers and Chieko Tsuneoka): “China’s firing of missiles near Japan has left little doubt that Tokyo would be pulled into any potential war over Taiwan—and would be part of the U.S.-led alliance likely to defend the island. China’s military launched five missiles that landed inside Japan’s exclusive economic zone on Thursday, Tokyo’s Defense Ministry said… U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, on a visit to Cambodia, cited those launches in calling China’s moves a ‘significant escalation,’ and he said the moves against Japan were ‘understandably causing them, and all of us, grave concern.’ The… inclusion of targets near Japan sent an unmistakable message, said Masahisa Sato, who heads the ruling Liberal Democratic Party’s foreign-affairs committee. ‘If you’re talking about surrounding Taiwan or imposing a blockade, of course in that case it means you’re bringing Japan into it as well,’ said Mr. Sato, a former army officer.”