Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: Jobs and Central Bankers


Barron’s mentions:

Amazon (AMZN) makes the cover this week just ahead of the e-commerce giant’s earnings report. The bullish points laid out on Amazon include an advertising business that has annualized revenue of close to $40B, which is nearly four times the size of Twitter (TWTR) and Snap (SNAP) combined. Amazon is also said to have turned into a media powerhouse with the weekly NFL rights to a key night, as well as a growing logistics powerhouse that increasingly rivals FedEx (FDX) and United Parcel Service (UPS). Of course, there is also the AWS business that accounts for 16% of the company’s sales and more than 100% of its profit to offset the money-losing businesses. Redburn Research analyst Alex Haissl made the case that AWS is now the strongest cloud provider overall, with a platform that includes raw data storage, database software, applications, and analytics. That makes a potential AWS spinoff down the road an enticing reason to buy Amazon now with shares down more than 30% YTD.