Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: Valuation Matters in Earnings Season


China’s Q2 GDP -2.6% qtr/qtr (expected -1.5%; last 1.4%); 0.4% yr/yr (expected 1.0%; last 4.8%). June Industrial Production 3.9% yr/yr (expected 4.1%; last 0.7%), June Fixed Asset Investment 6.1% yr/yr (expected 6.0%; last 6.2%), June Retail Sales 3.1% yr/yr (expected -0.3%; last -6.7%), and June House Prices -0.5% yr/yr (last -0.1%)
Japan’s May Tertiary Industry Activity Index 0.8% m/m (last 0.7%)
South Korea’s June trade deficit $2.58 bln (last deficit of $2.47 bln). June Imports 19.4% yr/yr (last 19.4%) and Exports 5.2% yr/yr (last 5.4%). June Import Price Index 33.6% yr/yr (last 36.5%) and Export Price Index 23.7% yr/yr (last 23.4%)
New Zealand’s June Business PMI 49.7 (last 52.6)

China’s GDP contracted more than expected in Q2, reflecting the impact of coronavirus lockdowns. There were continued worries about the country’s property market amid reports of a mortgage payment boycott.
Toyota reportedly delayed the launch of a new vehicle model due to an insufficient supply of parts.
SK Hynix may reportedly reduce its 2023 capital spending plan by as much as 25%.
The approval rating of South Korea’s President Yoon fell to 32.0% from 37.0%, according to Gallup.