Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: Valuation Matters in Earnings Season


S&P 500 futures are down 32 points and are trading 0.8% below fair value.
Nasdaq 100 futures are down 83 points and are trading 0.7% below fair value.
Dow Jones Industrial Average futures are down 169 points and are trading 0.5% below fair value.

Energy futures are climbing off their overnight lows ahead of the open. WTI crude oil futures are down 1.8% to $102.88/bbl. Unleaded gasoline futures are down 1.5% to $3.39/gal. Natural gas futures are up 9.4% to $6.53/mmbtu.

The 2s10s spread is widening with the 2-yr note yield down five basis points to 3.07% while the 10-yr note yield is down seven basis points to 3.03%.