Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: Independence, Precious and Formative


U.S. Treasuries are on track for a mostly higher start while the long bond is expected to show relative weakness in early action. Treasury futures rallied after yesterday’s cash close, hitting evening highs a couple hours after the start of the Asian session.

The next few hours saw some backtracking, but Treasury futures rallied to fresh highs once the focus shifted to action in Europe.

The Treasury market will close at 14:00 ET today.

Yield Check:
2-yr: -9 bps to 2.84%
3-yr: -8 bps to 2.90%
5-yr: -6 bps to 2.94%
10-yr: -2 bps to 2.95%
30-yr: +3 bps to 3.15%