Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: Independence, Precious and Formative


Dow 31029.31 +82.32 (0.27%)
Nasdaq 11177.88 -3.65 (-0.03%)
SP 500 3818.83 -2.72 (-0.07%)

NYSE Adv 1087 Dec 2005 Vol 920 mln
Nasdaq Adv 1574 Dec 2728 Vol 5.5 bln

Industry Watch

Strong: Consumer Staples, Health Care, Information Technology, Communication Services
Weak: Real Estate, Industrials, Materials, Energy, Financials

Moving the Market

— Lingering concerns about rate hikes and growth prospects
— Cleveland Fed Pres. Mester (FOMC voting member) said she supports a 75basis point rate hike in July if economic conditions stay unchanged
— Relative strength in mega caps