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US Admin official says G7 will address energy and food issues

Via Reuters remarks from a senior U.S. administration official

G7 meeting will build on work of G7 leaders to increase pressure on Russia
G7 will address impact of Putin’s “war on prices” on global energy security and food security
G7 will formally launch global infrastructure partnership to offer high-road, transparent alternatives for low- and middle-income countries
Biden to have bilateral meetings with German chancellor Scholz, president Sanchez of Spain and king of Spain
Leaders of NATO countries will endorse new strategic concept
NATO leaders will announce new force posture commitments at next week’s NATO summit
G7 and NATO leaders will have a chance to hear from Ukrainian President Zelenskiy at the summit
NATO summit’s inclusion of leaders from Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Japan shows world is not taking eye off China
Zelenskiy will address Ukraine’s battle plan and security assistance needed to support it
US. Remains confident that turkey’s concerns will be addressed in relation to Sweden and Finland’s NATO bids
Global economy will be key point of discussion at G7 meeting
G7 expected to focus more on China’s coercive economic practices
China’s practices have become even more aggressive and more prominent in global economy