Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: Eyes Up on Retail and Inflation


U.K.’s Q1 GDP 0.8% qtr/qtr (expected 1.0%; last 1.3%); 8.7% yr/yr (expected 9.0%; last 6.6%). Q1 Business Investment -0.5% qtr/qtr (expected 1.8%; last 1.0%); 8.5% yr/yr (last 1.0%). March Industrial Production -0.2% m/m (expected 0.1%; last -0.3%); 0.7% yr/yr (expected 0.5%; last 2.1%). March Manufacturing Production -0.2% m/m (expected -0.5%; last -0.6%); 1.9% yr/yr (expected 2.3%; last 3.5%). March trade deficit GBP23.90 bln (expected deficit of GBP18.50 bln; last deficit of GBP21.61 bln)
Swiss April PPI 1.3% m/m (last 0.8%); 6.7% yr/yr (last 6.1%)
The U.K. is reportedly looking to scrap the Northern Ireland protocol due to a continued post-Brexit disagreement with the EU.
Bank of England policymaker Ramsden said that he expects more rate hikes due to inflation risk and that the central bank’s forecasts are not trying to guide the economy lower.
Finland’s leaders are preparing to apply for NATO membership.