Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: Market Corrections, When the Rubber Meets the Road


Barron’s mentions:

The cover story takes on the major problems at Meta Platforms (FB) with growth of the core business decelerating. Apple’s consumer changes mean Meta (FB) continues to be looked at by investors in a different light. Shares of Meta are noted to be historically cheap, but the argument is made that they will remain cheap until investors gain confidence that the company can fix the “ad-targeting issue, compete effectively against TikTok, and figure out the metaverse, all while fending off critics who still think the company is far too powerful.”

On the other side of the ledger, Under Armour (NYSE:UAA) is sized up favorably in a glowing piece. The company has become leaner with fewer product offerings and a portfolio that delivers improved profitability. The UA balance sheet is also called a major asset as displayed with the recent buybacks announcement.