Reply To: Traders Market Weekly: APR 3-9 — Yield Inversion & Inflation concerns


one of my old sayings — as go OIL, thus goes equities, bonds, kryptos, etc.
OIL & FED are “market movers” …. OIL is REAL VALUE currency — rather than our printed $$$

OIL is still holding up $100 @ $97 … That + early spring harvests can help also with INFLATION
if it were me as POTUS #46 (heaven forbid – lol) — restart XL pipeline & carefully DRILL more in parks

I’ve heard term “symbolism over substance” used to reverse ALL of past ADMINs work (even when good)
Still #46 is encouraging more production in OIL from existing permits — even if it’s a MASQUERADE ;)
I pray for our leaders & nation(s) daily to be successful — as we are living in “interesting times” :)