Reply To: Nickel Soars 500% on Chinese Bank Short Squeeze, Trading Suspended


22 064 Nickel Market Update Resumption of Trading
14 Mar 2022
This Notice: (i) confirms that trading in LME Nickel Contracts will resume at 08:00 London time on Wednesday 16 March 2022 (“Resumption Date”) on all LME Execution Venues; (ii) sets out details of the application of daily upper and lower price limits to all outright Contracts in all Base Metals on all Execution Venues; (iii) sets out details of the deferral of delivery to Wednesday 23 March at level for all Nickel Contracts entered into prior to Wednesday 16 March and due for delivery between Wednesday 16 and Tuesday 22 March inclusive; (iv) details the Accountability Levels that shall apply to Nickel Contracts with effect from the Resumption Date and outlines information gathering measures that shall apply to Members in relation to aggregate on-exchange and OTC Nickel positions; and (v) provides additional guidance on the LME’s approach to the determination and publication of Official Prices and Closing Prices during any period