US Signs in Steel and Aluminum Tariffs, Exempts NAFTA Partners

President Donald Trump as expected signed into law tariffs on steel and aluminum in a move he feels will recharge American industry. The deal exempts NAFTA partners Canada and Mexico as expected. National security was also cited as part of the decision.

International Trade and Commodity Prices Pick Up Helping Australia – RBA Lowe

RBA Governor Philip Lowe speaking to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics Friday said the global upswing is helping China’s and Australia’s economies as trade increases and commodity prices rise.

Moody’s Warns Fiscal Deterioration Puts Downward Risk on U.S. Credit Ratings

Moody’s issued a report on the U.S Debt structure saying America’s stable credit profile is likely to face downward pressure in the long-term due to “meaningful” fiscal deterioration and a widening Federal budget deficit. 

More Wealthy Immigrants Calling Australia Home Than Any Other Country

With Australia’s economy picking up and commodities soaring to some it is no surprise Australia is attracting more high net worth individuals (HNWI) as migrants than any other country. To others with the Manus island and Australia Day controversies this may surprise.

Estonia and Sweden Prepare Residents For War With Russia

The Estonian and Swedish governments are both planning to publish a brochure to help prepare residents and households in the event of major crisis or a war. Both countries are critical to free passage for the Baltic Sea and historically have endured threats from Russia. Image NATO  Only last year Russian President Putin made claims to the Baltic states. Estonia Brig. Gen. Martin Herem in a recent interview with Estonian daily Postimees said the Ministry of the Interior is coordinating … Continue reading “Estonia and Sweden Prepare Residents For War With Russia”