Koruda Gets 5 More Years at Bank of Japan To Get Elusive 2% Inflation

Haruhiko Kuroda was reappointed for another five years as Governor of the Bank of Japan Friday in Japan’s National Diet lower house. Koroda is a sprightly 73 and been in the job since 2013. The move was expected and contunes more of the same for Japan.

Market Showing No Nerves Ahead Of Fed Chair Powell’s First Testimony

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s testimony on the central bank’s semi-annual report on monetary policy and the economy has been brought up a day to Tuesday, Feb. 27 before the U.S. House of Representatives’ Financial Services Committee, no reason has been given. 

No Surprises Expected as Markets and Federal Reserve Say Goodbye to Janet Yellen

The Federal Reserve meets on Wednesday for the last time with Janet Yellen as chair before Jerome Powell takes charge, Markets have priced in negligible odds of rate hike next week. The Fed appears irrelevant in the current stock mania.