The Energy Crisis and Volatility See Natural Gas and VIX the Best Performing Futures in January

Futures and commodities had a volatile start to 2022. January was about the energy crisis and interest rates and inflation. This pattern accelerated after the Fed minutes of the December FOMC took hold. This was borne out by the best performing futures being natural gas, VIX and Palladium. Energy was five of the highest gains for the month. The worse were lumber, ethanol and the major stock market indices. For the month S&P and Nasdaq have their worst month since … Continue reading “The Energy Crisis and Volatility See Natural Gas and VIX the Best Performing Futures in January”

Blackstone’s Byron Wien Annual List of Surprises for 2022

One of the most widely followed analysts on Wall Street, Byron Wien issued his list of the Ten Surprises of 2022. Wien, 88 is a former Morgan Stanley strategist who has put out his “surprises” list since 1986. Now Vice Chairman in the Private Wealth Solutions group at Blackstone put out the list with Chief Investment Strategist Joe Zidle, What is a Surprise Byron defines a “surprise” as an event that the average investor would only assign a one out … Continue reading “Blackstone’s Byron Wien Annual List of Surprises for 2022”

Oats, Coffee, Canola and Lumber Pip Energy as Best Performing Futures in 2022

Agricultural and energy futures and commodities rose sharply pumped by the reopening of economies in 2021 with the Covid -19 knock ons running roughshod over supply routes and employment. The biggest losers were last year’s winners, safe haven elements such as the VIX, treasuries and foodstuffs. Oat Futures closed up 89.74% this year. back in October the United Nations index shows that global food prices recently hit a decade high, oat futures hit an all-time high of $6.36 a bushel … Continue reading “Oats, Coffee, Canola and Lumber Pip Energy as Best Performing Futures in 2022”

Gold Worse Month Since 2016 Despite Weak US Dollar and Inflation Scares

Gold is down over 8% for the year and on target for its worst month since late 2016. This is despite traditional safe haven buy cues such as inflation scares, a weak US dollar, and an uncertain world, Gold bugs climbed into the precious metal after the Fed’s massive new stimulus package and talks of Fiat currency collapse. What happened? One thing, Bitcoin took much of that Gold bug clientelle and yields have tracked higher.

Citadel Increases Commodity Hedge Fund Management After Billion Dollar Gains

Chicago based Hedge fund Citadel has made massive profits on it’s commodity investments in 2020, over $1 billion according to Reuters.  Much of the gains were in oil and gas from the price swoons from the Covid demand meltdown, Large gains were also said to be have made in agriculture commodities. 

Goldman Sachs Raises Gold Forecast Again To $1850 on Coronavirus Fears

Goldman Sachs raised their price forecast for gold on Friday in a note to customers on Coronavirus fear. $GS had previously cited Modern Monetary Theory to higher ETF inflows, Geopolitical risk, stronger emerging markets, weaker U.S. dollar and negative real interest rates in Europe .

Australian Trade Surplus Falls A Third as Gold Exports Slump 25%

The Sino US trade war maybe biting Australia after all. October’s trade surplus fell a third seasonally adjusted as gold and ore exports slumped. In September had Australia posted another much larger than expected trade surplus. Australia ships nearly a third of its exports to China, led by iron ore and coal.

Barrick Gold Higher Production Doubles Profits With Rising Prices

Canadiian miner Barrick Gold Corp, the world’s second-largest gold producer quarterly adjusted profit nearly doubled as gold production rose. $GOLD expects gold production of 5.1 million ounces to 5.6 million ounces. The gold price hit its highest level in six years in June.