New Palm Oil Plantation Permits Moratorium Ends in Indonesia, What Next?

Indonesia is the world’s biggest exporter of palm oil and on 19 September a three-year moratoriom for new oil palm plantation permits expired. There have been no decisions on whether to extend or end it. The decision is crucial to Indonesia finances, the environment and Orangutans.

European Ride Hailing Service FREE NOW Makes Electric Vehicles Default Option For Riders

German based ride-hailing service FREE NOW  announced it will start offering electric vehicles as its default first option for customers in the UK instead of gasoline or diesel vehicles. FREE NOW aims for 100% of its trips to be zero-emission by 2030 across all key European cities

Fed Stress Tests Order Banks to Preserve Capital By Suspending Buybacks and Limit Dividends

The Federal Reserve completed its annual stress test on Thursday for 2020 and additional sensitivity analyses that the Board conducted in light of the coronavirus event. The Fed capped bank dividend payments and suspended share-buybacks for the third quarter.

Fed Rejects Deutsche Bank and Limits Payouts of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley After Stress Tests

The Federal Reserve completed its annual stress test and concluded Deutsche Bank for the third time in four years  The Fed also limited the payouts of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. State Street will have to give the Fed more information on counterparty exposure.

How Much Oil In America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve is Contaminated?

Countries around the world store oil for times of crisis and price bumps, the idea is store it and use it in emergency. What if that oil is not usable, if it is contaminated? Three buyers from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve say just that, from oil bought last year from the SPR.

American Beef, Soybeans and Grains At Risk Should China Retaliate

American agricultural markets may be at risk should China choose to retaliate against Steel and Aluminum tariffs. Specifically the vulnerable markets are soybeans, beef abd grains including sorghum. Such a ban could be a boon for Australia and South America.

Equifax CIO Charged With Insider Trading, Sells Shares Day Before Disclosure

Former Equifax executive Jun Ying, former chief information officer of an Equifax division known as U.S. Information Solutions has been charged by the SEC with insider trading. He is accused of selling more than $950,000 in stock before the data breach was made public.

US Signs in Steel and Aluminum Tariffs, Exempts NAFTA Partners

President Donald Trump as expected signed into law tariffs on steel and aluminum in a move he feels will recharge American industry. The deal exempts NAFTA partners Canada and Mexico as expected. National security was also cited as part of the decision.