Why Did Crude Oil Futures Plummet Into Memorial Day Weekend

Crude oil futures plummeted almost $3 Friday morning ahead of the Memorial Weekend. This follows a bearish EIA Inventory report showing huge builds, soaring gasoline prices with a President who called out OPEC and Russia and Saudi Arabia talking increased production.

Dow’s Biggest Percentage Losses Ever, Today’s 1175 Crash Doesn’t Make Top 10

After Crashing 666 points Friday the Dow Jones index crashed in the biggest points loss ever Monday, 1175 points.To put that in perspective, the loss was ‘just 4.60%”. In 1987 the Dow lost 22.61% at the close. But as we said its all a matter of entry and leverage. 

Stocks Crash Revives Memories of 2008, What Next For S&P Futures

Stocks and the S&P 500 Index crashed on Friday in the index’s sixth-worst one-day point drop ever, however given we are coming from 2880 plus in percentage terms it was ‘just’  around 2.50% . To put that in perspective, its a minor bump from a 30% rise. Perhaps. Its all a matter of entry and leverage.

A Road Map For Natural Gas Heading Into Winter

Natural gas futures have chopped around $3.00 Btu for months now as bullish weather demand never eventuated, hurricanes had little effect and production and exports appear to balance out. Where to now? We look at what is going technically and how that fits in fundamentally.