What You Need Know About Quantitative Tightening QT Bifurcations Explained

Most of us are familiar with QE but what is QT? When the Fed reduces its balance sheet it is known as quantitative tightening, the flipside of quantitative easing. The US Federal Reserve at its December FOMC put the world on notice that tighter financial conditions are ahead. What does it mean? The possible Bifurcations would make Mandelbrot wince. Firstly, the bond market has a lot more work as the task of financing governments gets more difficult without central banks … Continue reading “What You Need Know About Quantitative Tightening QT Bifurcations Explained”

The DIX Dark Index As a Proxy For Buying Activity Opportunities.

The Dark Index™ (DIX™) is a dollar-weighted measure of the Dark Pool Indicator (DPI) of the S&P 500 components. When the DIX is higher, market sentiment in dark pools is generally more bullish. When the DIX is lower, it is more bearish or uncertain. The 2 year DIX is used as an indicator of dark pool short volumes as a proxy for buying activity opportunities. In the violent sell off and reversal of the first week of December (2021) note … Continue reading “The DIX Dark Index As a Proxy For Buying Activity Opportunities.”

Soybean Futures Near 35 Week Lows on Hurricane Ida Damage

Chicago soybean futures fell under $13 a bushel near 35 week lows. Hurricane Ida halted traffic on the Mississippi river and caused power outages and damaged grain elevators and port terminals. Prices way up lower demand and trapped supply.

Daytrader FOMO Risk Reminder – Island Reversal – Orphazyme Pumped Up 1,387% Halted and Dumped With Huge Gap Down

Mind management is key to trading. Controlling your emotions and avoiding the pitfalls of the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is critical. Secondly you are never out until you have completed the trade. We look at Orphazyme’s $ORPH stock wild ride with 20 volatility halts ending in a violent island reversal trapping longs.

Number One Risk for 2018 Is A Brutal Correction of Stock Prices Says French Watchdog

France’s market watchdog Autorite des Marches Financie (AMF) sees as the number risk for 2018 a brutal correction of stock prices. Goldman Sachs Bull/Bear Index is at the highest in almost 50 years. Analysts preach this time its different, is it?

Why Did Crude Oil Futures Plummet Into Memorial Day Weekend

Crude oil futures plummeted almost $3 Friday morning ahead of the Memorial Weekend. This follows a bearish EIA Inventory report showing huge builds, soaring gasoline prices with a President who called out OPEC and Russia and Saudi Arabia talking increased production.

Dow’s Biggest Percentage Losses Ever, Today’s 1175 Crash Doesn’t Make Top 10

After Crashing 666 points Friday the Dow Jones index crashed in the biggest points loss ever Monday, 1175 points.To put that in perspective, the loss was ‘just 4.60%”. In 1987 the Dow lost 22.61% at the close. But as we said its all a matter of entry and leverage. 

Stocks Crash Revives Memories of 2008, What Next For S&P Futures

Stocks and the S&P 500 Index crashed on Friday in the index’s sixth-worst one-day point drop ever, however given we are coming from 2880 plus in percentage terms it was ‘just’  around 2.50% . To put that in perspective, its a minor bump from a 30% rise. Perhaps. Its all a matter of entry and leverage.