South Korea’s Hyundai Steel Launches First LNG Powered Ship in Eco-Friendly Plan

South Korea’s No. 2 steelmaker Hyundai Steel Co. in it’s carbon reduction plan is replacing its fleet of raw material carriers with eco-friendly ships. On Wednesday its first liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered ship, “HL Oceanic,” made its maiden voyage. HL Oceanic was built by Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries in Mokpo, South Jeolla Province. The LNG-powered ship is based exclusively on domestic technology, from ship design to construction, the localization level up to 97 percent of the ship price. The … Continue reading “South Korea’s Hyundai Steel Launches First LNG Powered Ship in Eco-Friendly Plan”

Solar Generation To Rise To 20% From 3% of U.S. electricity By 2050 EIA Forecasts

The EIA nade a series of forecasts for the likely share of solar power for US electricity over the next thirty years. In 2020 solar power accounted for 3% of U.S. electricity generation from all sources. The agency forecasts that solar will account for 20% of U.S. electricity generation in 2050. EIA US Solar Power Projections Solar power accounted for 3% Solar will account for 4% in 2021 5% in 2022. 14% in 2035 20% in 2050 via EIA Electric Power … Continue reading “Solar Generation To Rise To 20% From 3% of U.S. electricity By 2050 EIA Forecasts”

AgTech AgriFORCE Growing System Acquires Leading European Agriculture and Horticulture Consulting Firm

IP focused AgTech AgriFORCE Growing Systems ($AGRI $AGRIW) entered into a binding letter of intent to acquire a leading AgTech European consultancy focused on driving AGRIcultural optimization, innovation, solutions and operational expertise in the AGRIculture and horticulture and Controlled Environment AGRIculture (CEA) sectors

China to Tighten Hold on Rare Earths Market By Creating Single State Entity Controlling 70% of Chinese Production

China controls the majority of rare earths and is looking to assert greaater control over the sector. It will combine three rare-earths producers to create a single state-owned company with nearly 70% share of domestic production with a American companies dependant on rare earths the motive is clear.

Freeport McMoran Triples Profit With Record Copper Prices

Freeport-McMoRan, the world’s biggest publicly listed copper producer more than than tripled its profit in Q3. Higher copper prices and an increase in demand for the metal at a time when copper inventories are plunging. $FCX has been repaying debt and distributing dividends from the surge in revenues.

Canadian National Railways Hopes of Rail Industry Capturing Market Share From Trucking

Canadian National Railways reported a modest Q3 earnings beat. $CNI is not seeing labor issues and is in good shape from a labor standpoint which was a concern with investors after JB Hunt reported earnings. Fellow Canadian rail giant Canadian Pacific recently beat out CNI in merging with Kansas City Southern $KSU.

Record High Chinese Coal Futures Prices After Biggest Coal Producing Region Floods

Coal prices have risen unabatted with supply chain disruptions, China has been partiucarlt bad hot and that just got more critical. Floods closed 60 of the 682 coal mines in Shanxi province, 30% of China’s production.

East China Manufacturing Hub Zhejiang Orders Production Suspensions to Meet Energy Targets

With energy prices skyrocketing coupled with China’s clean energy transition strategy to lower emissions Zhejiang province authorities ordered around 160 energy-intensive companies to temporarily halt production.

Kansas City Southern Railway Bidding Wars With Canadian Pacific and Canadian National

Kansas City Southern is at the center of a bidding war between Canadian Pacific and Canadian National sending $KSU up +18.73 to $288.33. $CP sweetened its buyout offer in a bid to push merger rival $CNI away.