Author Topic: Wind farms Cause Stress says UK Energy & Climate Change & Not Just on Halloween  (Read 1544 times)


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Interesting report near Halloween as we pay to see haunted houses with howling winds. In 'real life' people that are living next to a noisy wind farm can lead some people to become stressed and lose sleep the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change says.

The report concluded a "clear link" between the amount of noise emitted by an energy site and irritation experienced by nearby residents was identified. Noise is something non wind farm domiciles ever mention but the added prospect of a sleepless night was generally an "indirect" link caused by the frustration evoked from having a loud wind farm in your community.

Complaints have been previously ignored due to heavy handed environmental groups and wind farm lobbies. The findings have pressured the government to come down hard and some MP's wanting them "shut down permanently".

The review recommended that "excessive" noise should be addressed with measures such as modifying the turbine blade. Complaints range from the steady swishing noise from the blade to a louder thump which can sometimes occur the review said. Furthermore the annoyance is not just limited to the thunderous sound a wind farm can create. On a Hallow's eve we are reminded that the flickering shadows from the swirling blade and its "appearance in the landscape" can cause a maddening crowd.
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